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Our History




Cooperjob is more than a staffing and recruitment agency: we are a reference point, a place for listening and guidance on all work-related matters aimed at people and businesses.

Today we are the only staffing agency in Italy 100% owned by nonprofit parties. Every day we work with expertise and passion investing our time and resources in projects with social inclusion as the main goal. The constant dialogue with local realities allows us to encounter great opportunities and really leave our mark on the people we work with and in the areas in which we operate.

We support every job seeker in their placement, growth and personal fulfillment journey facilitating their access in the job market. We place ourselves as a tool for the development of the territories in which we operate.

Our history

August 2007, Bolzano, Italy: Cooperjob was founded, a company immediately rooted in the values of cooperation, ethical labor protection as well as the importance of worker dignity.

Since 2015, the CGM Consortium has become our shareholder, a takeover that brings with it major changes: a new board of directors and a new business plan that strengthens the sales network and enhances investment in research and development.

Piacenza branch opening
Reggio Emilia branch opening
Pordenone branch opening
Biella and Chiavari branches opening
CGM Consortium takeover
Cooperjob was founded

Mission and Values